The Something in the Sea ARG was one of the greatest ARG's ever released by a gaming company. It was highly successful and engaged ARGer's across generations. SitS legacy has been well written. It pushed the envelope both in the real world and the digital, and continues to captivate visitors to this day. Why did I preserve SitS? I felt it was important that a huge chunk of Rapture's lore was never lost. Players entering Rapture in Bioshock 2 who did not follow SitS had no clue there was a tremendous backstory to Mark Meltzer and his quest to rescue his daughter Cindy. The Bioshock wikia, became the only source of information for the SitS campaign, once the official site went down. The problem with wikia sites, is they are very limited in what they can display. Rapture Archives had the capability of preserving SitS in its original format, but I didn't want the wonderful community over there to feel as if I was stepping on their toes. Once the Bioshock wikia admin was onboard with the idea, the last matter was 2K iteslf. Officially I have not heard any news from 2K, but I hope they understand that my efforts to preserve SitS is for non profit/commercial purposes. The Rapture Archives makes no money/profit from the site I operate.

The art style and design of SitS was unlike anything I had seen before, needless to say I was obsessed with it quickly. My obession reminded me of the Beast ARG by Microsoft to promote the movie A.I. but the beast campaign only lasted roughly 3 months. Once the campaign was over, many of the sites that were created for the Beast was no longer available. It saddened me that future audiences and myself would not be able to revisit or partake in the adventure and lore all those sites had to offer. When the Cloudmakers were formed, a small group of us were quickly concerned with how fast content was dissapearing. We took it upon ourselves to try and preserve what we could, needless to say, over a decade later, not even half of the Beast is still available online.

I didn't want SitS to suffer the same fate that the Beast did, so I immediately started preserving it day by day for what seemed like forever. I had thought 2K would release SitS on a DVD special edition disk or something but it never happened. Towards the end of the campaign though, life got in the way and I was just making 'skeletal copies' of the site instead of duplicating it in full each day. This resulted in me making errors and not saving certain files when needed. Without the help of the people below, this archive would not be as complete as it is. Thank you very much for your contributions and getting the word out about SitS and helping to recover and track down copies of missing files.


Special Thanks to These Rapturians
Name Nickname Contribution
Elizabeth T. 2K Elizabeth Thank you for responding to all my PM's clogging your inbox ;-)
------- Relight Recovered: audio for days 154 and 158
Recovered: Return to the Frozen Triangle book pages .swf
------- Dratoran Recovered: audio for days 154 and 158
Recovered: Return to the Frozen Triangle book pages .png
Kate D. GalFriday Recovered: audio for days 154 and 158
Recovered: Return to the Frozen Triangle book pages thumbnail .png
Rachel B. missingrache Fangirlism - Keeping people informed.
The Rapture Archives would also like to thank the Bioshock wikia, for their very detailed descriptions of what changed from day to day during the last two weeks of the SitS campaign.

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