Buck Raleigh - Flies in the Ointment

Always some fly in the ointment. Life in Rapture's been gooder'n grits. Business is boomin' and me and Clara, hell, that woman smile's warmer than a belly full of bourbon, wish I could bottle that and sell it. But now there's these Atlas radicals causin' social unrest. Caught two of 'em in my factory, one with a pipe, t'other with a pocketful of saltpeter. Clara worries about my heart, says not to over-react. Well, I worry about hers, it's just too big for business. Markets might correct themselves, but men? Men need punishing to get right.

Buck Raleigh - Without a word

It's been six months now since Clara disappeared without a word. I been searchin' this city from Olympus Heights down to Pauper's goddamn Drop and back again and not so much as a trace. Lord, I need that woman. Where's the ransom demand, huh? Did I miss it somehow? I'm not partial to ADAM, but these plasmids can help me search in places I know I ain't welcome. And those're the places she's most likely to be. Clara, honey, hold on, I'm comin' for ya.

Buck Raleigh - Young Radicals

I've been gutted! Caught like a fish on a line with my insides tore clean outta me! Got the report my security system was triggered down at the distillery, goddamn terrorists at it again. I rushed down here to find a twisted heap of sparking security bots and mutilated bodies. One of 'em was still alive, barely, and hummin' a goddamn labour hymn. I couldn't b'lieve my ears 'cause I knew the voice, was the voice I been achin' to hear for nigh on a year. It was Clara, my Clara, leadin' the charge against me.

Zigo d’Acosta - Occupational Hazards

Poor young Burke died an awful death at the fisheries today... mangled. Floor was slick with guts. Clumsy arse must've slipped. S'pose it was me heard his last words. Something to do with a stash of ADAM he's got hid in his cabin. Shame to see him go... had such great faith in his fellow man.

Zigo d’Acosta - Song of the Sea

Middle of the night I heard a sound like whale-song. I leaped from me hammock and pressed me ear up against the glass. Was the ocean herself speakin' to me. Telling me Rapture was a wound in her side like a spear in the ribs of Christ, and the ADAM this city's stolen is her holy blood. It's only I can use it with her blessing.

Zigo d’Acosta - Foundering Bastards

These bastards down here don't know it yet, but I am the sea made flesh. I'll wash through these halls reclaiming her sacred blood, filling me veins with her strength. Then I'll guide the foul vessels of Ryan and Atlas towards one another, 'till a mighty crash founders them both! Oh Christ! Me tea-water is boilin' over. I'll be right back...

Danny Wilkins - Spelling Lesson

Rookie kid comes up to me...Joey Glatz, a real bang-up guy. Says he wants to be a great ballplayer, says I'm his hero. "You wanna learn?", I say, "keep your eyes on me". Kid asks how I deal with the press griping about me: There's no "I" in team and all that. Well, the way I spell it there is! Wilkins does things his own way! That's what makes a champ!

Danny Wilkins - Adapt and Conquer

That rookie's got a lot of potential, but he's got to get wit the program. Kid says plasmids are ruining the game. I say, 'Glatz, have you seen what we can do on that stuff?' Game's not ruined, it's changing, and if the game changes, Wilkins changes with it. So I offer the rook a hypo... SportsBoost, and he just shakes his head and walks away. Trying to shame Wilkins, kid? Only shame is in losing, and you just decided to lose, pal.

Danny Wilkins - Staying Competitive

Something wild is burning inside of Wilkins today folks! The whole city's got their dreams pinned on him, and he's playin' like he knows it! Shame about the rookie, but Wilkins can't let that get him down. Sure Wilkins hit him too hard, but the rookie was weak! Wilkins didn't mean to kill him folks! He didn't! He told that rookie to stay competitive, didn't he? Just, Wilkins plays hard, folks... and he does it for you! Y'hear that, folks: Wilkins does it all for you! *Danny imitating crowd cheering*

Barbara Johnson - Keeping Up

Ohhh... Fred really burns me up! Refusing to allow splicing near the kids! Well, what about the neighbors? I'm not trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' here, I'm trying to stop them from killing us! I mean I love Fred, I do, but if he won't wear the pants around here, I'll just have to pull them up over my pantyhose!

Barbara Johnson - Maternal Instincts

Some kind of metal... workman... nearly killed Susie today. She was trying to make friends with one of those poor little orphan girls with the skin condition! Ohhh I felt so helpless, and the man reeked of wet dog! Well, never again: Mommy went out and got herself some more special medicine today, and if Daddy doesn't like it...

Barbara Johnson - Hard to Find

I know I shouldn't've let them in, but they said they had ADAM and it's just so hard to find these days...and well somehow they grabbed Susie! So I... I shocked one of them, but next thing I know I was frozen! I couldn't move, but I could see... and I saw them.. saw them take my Susie away... But I'm going to march over to that orphanage, and after I find her...I am going to find them...

Louie McGraff - Crooked World

Fontaine didn't bring me down here for my skills as a stevedore... he needed guys who could keep their mouth shut. I look at it like this: Everyone's a crook of some kind or anotha', and us guys who admit it? We got a leg up on dem that don't.

Louie McGraff - Strange Goings On

Six months locked up in this dirty little clink they got down here, and I been noticin' some awful strange goin's on. Like today... woke up, and Knuckles wasn't in the cell... Later on, the science bums came through carryin' one of 'dem metal suits. Next thing, I heard screamin'... Now I've done a lot of bad things to people, but I ain't never made no one scream like dat.

Louie McGraff - Knuckles

I made a deal with that Sinclair: I get out of the joint if I let him stick me like a lab rat in dem plasmid trials he's runnin'... Now I'm out, and I tell you what: I SWEAR I saw Knuckles today, in one of those diver outfits. He had that same gimpy walk... I went up to him, and he wasn't screamin' no more... he was kinda cryin'... Aw hell, I wanna go home!

Suresh Sheti - Intellectual Stimulation

I arrived in a city starved for proper intellectual stimulation. They rushed to my show in droves, chomping at the bit, salivating like Pavlov's pets. I gave them what they hungered for. I would hear this collective thought, this single, greedy, constant thought, rebounding in the rapacious hollows of their minds. "Give us more. It's not enough! We need more!" I soon understood that this was a city of trainable beasts, and intellectual satiation would be my means of control.

Suresh Sheti - A New Medium

Closing the theaters are they? "Bravo" I say. "Good riddance". I tire of the puerile pap pouring persistently forth from Fort Frolic. As for me, I no longer require the safety net of theatrical pretense. No, my skills have quite outgrown the confines of the theatrical medium. I shall take my talents directly to the street.

Suresh Sheti - Psychic Void

Today, I was approached by a golem in a diving suit. I looked into his mind and it was all screams and their echoes... a cold and hollow infinity whose sole occupant was a warped, painful howling... bleeding out into the indifferent void.

Naledi Atkins - No Limits

Limits, yeah? I remember topside, the limits. Yeah how you should behave and that: but those limits you can beat. But how deep could I dive, how fast could I go? Them are stricter limits. You need machinery to beat those, and that's just more limits... I want to be speed itself, right? The force rushing through things. Not the wind, but the velocity; not the tide but the power drives it. That's what I want. Like the way a grape is wine... that's me: the thing that bursts through. That's why I came to Rapture. To get beyond limits.

Naledi Atkins - A Conscious Wind

Modified me bathy to be the fastest vessel in this burg. Suddenly, there's all these restrictions. Bathy travel's shut down. Yeah? Didn't come here to be caught in a tank. But this ADAM: maybe with this stuff I can be my own bathy, my own vessel. Maybe I could be pure velocity myself, right? Fly up and not stop at the surface: just keep flying. Like a conscious wind. I'd like that.

Naledi Atkins - Near Death is Life

Was in a river once, topside... underwater spelunkin', right? And the flow was so fast-like, and, I got caught on a rock: I was drownin', 'till a friend pulled me out. But when I was under I thought "Let me dissolve, let my body and the water meet, and let me be the rush of the river." Down here in Rapture: that's what I am, that's what the ADAM let's me be. And I'm going to rush, now, like a river, all over.

Oscar Calraca - Prized Pussycats

I got me a handsome collection of felines, topside, of all shapes and sizes. Ain't no woman alive could part me from my pussy cats. And here's ol' Andy Ryan tryin' to tell me I can't bring my babies down here? Well sorry Andy, but 'chu are not my daddy! No man tells me what I can or can't do!

Oscar Calraca - Party Affiliations

I've never known a problem can't be solved with the right kind of party. Met a man named Franky Fontaine at my shindig last night. Ol' Franky's gonna help me get my contraband kitties down here! Mmm, mmm, hm hm! And he brought somethin' new to the party, as well. Somethin' positively scandalous! Some kinda wonda' drug called "ADAM."

Oscar Calraca - Eulogy for Mr. Boots

Mister Boots, why'd you have to do me that way?! I only wanted to grow you some tiger stripes, but that wasn't enough for you! You know daddies ADAM is off limits to pussy cats, but you were wild for it! Oh, it hurt me to do it... But I swear, tomorrow, I'm gonna grow me some claws in your honor.

Mlle Blanche de Glace - See Them See Themselves

These Rapture men, they are the strongest, the brightest, yes all of this, yet: they are just men. Oh, how strong they are, how intelligent, how sensitive, until they look into my eyes! And there, they see themselves as if for the first time. This they never survive. How it hurts me to see what they find in my eyes.

Mlle Blanche de Glace - Like the Others

The theaters, they have closed, and so I am alone. This life, without the stage, it has always been for me... drudgery. My isolation is my own doing, this I know, but I am made this way, a creature of detachment. But possibly I can remake myself. With ADAM, maybe I can live like the others... in ignorance, yes, but no longer alone.

Mlle Blanche de Glace - Life and its Double

Today I went outside! Outside into the halls of Rapture. And I found myself beside myself! Oh, how I love this war! The aromas! The sweet roasting of flesh, the exquisite nasal burn of sulfur. The air ripe with the moans of defeat, the bellowings of victory! Such drama, and all so real. This, this is what the theater can never be, this is life!

Jacob Norris - Rapture's Heart

Best drink I ever had was a tin cup of rotgut just after throwing the last seam up on Hephaestus. I remember thinking, "We just built paradise a heart. Ain't never gonna top this."

Jacob Norris - Staying Visible

Some of us been talking about changes in the labor laws down here... but ya gotta be careful, in Rapture talkin' can disappear a fella. Not just his body either, but his stuff too, and all records of him. People stop sayin' his name, for fear. But not me, I'll go down to Ryan HQ and weld my name across the building in 40 foot letters!!

Jacob Norris - Revolution Calls

That's it, fatcats: Revolution, right now... needle goes here, just a push and... ahhhh... OOooooooiiiiin our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold; Greater than the might of armies, magnified a thousand-fold; We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old; For the Union makes us strooooooooooooooooooong (laughs insanely).